Monday, June 17, 2013

Influenster SpringVoxBox NYC Color APPLELICIOUS

In my Spring Vox Box I received a full sized NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm. The scent is fantastic, the color is perfect for summer, very moisturizing and non sticky!

THANK YOU Influenster and New York Color! This is AWESOME for spring and summer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Influenster Spring Vox Box - Broadway Nails IMPRESS press on nail manicure

Hey everyone! So I'm making my way through my vox box and am trying out different things. This video isn't very good quality and for that I apologize, but I did want to post it anyway to show you how to put on the Impress Press-On Nails manicure! The spring color I received was SEXY FRESH which is a pretty tie-dyed look of oranges and blues. 
I've tried these before and really do love them.
They stick for about 10 days.
I have no problems with them coming off in the shower or while doing dishes.
I do recommend you follow the instructions re: cleaning your nails and using their prep pad and then making sure that you press down firmly for a few seconds to have the nail take hold. 
They come in multiple lengths, although I'm a fan of the "short" as I don't like long nails. 
If you look at my thumbnail on the right hand side of this picture, you'll see some of my nails sticking out. The product comes with 24 nails to mix and match and try to find the right size to match your nail bed. I happen to have a really wide nail bed. However, in every day use, this is NOT very noticeable at all and the only thing I had to do was to make sure I placed the nail in a natural way so it wasn't askew.
I've seen these at walmart for about $6, $7 or so at drugstores. I'm not a fan of getting acrylics, so these are PERFECT FOR ME. Seriously. I love them. They also have pedicures, which at first I was making a face like WHAT? WHY WOULD I WANT PRESS ON TOE NAILS? Then I tried THOSE and...SOLD. Perfect for flipflop days! :D 
Again, I got this in my vox box from Influenster, which means I'm a product tester and got to try this for free! 

June 13th
It's been one week now since I put the Impress nails on and they're still going strong! I had to replace one forefinger nail as the edge caught when I was cleaning the stove (SCRUBBING!), but other than that all is well. There is the tiniest bit of fading at the top of the nail as if nail polish is lightly wearing off, but that's the first time I've experienced this. I think it is because of this particular pattern. Love these things. Saw them on sale at Rite Aid tonight and picked up a few more! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

SPRING FEVER! Influenster's Spring Vox Box!

 Over the next few days, you'll be seeing posts and (probably crappy) videos of me trying stuff out, telling you about stuff, etc. LIKE THIS SILLY VIDEO BELOW!!!! PREPARE THYSELVES!

Yeah, I know. I'm falling short of the mark on video coolness. Sorry for the funky camera noises, etc. I'm using a very basic point and shoot and that's probably all I'll ever use. lol

More to come as I try these things out!