Sunday, June 21, 2015

{Review} Dove Deodorant

So when one goes through FOLFOX chemo treatments for one's stage IV colon cancer, one develops lots of interesting problems. One of these problems is extreme dry skin.

Okay, you busted me. I'm the "one" mentioned above. And yeah extreme dry skin. EVERYWHERE. There's something called hand-foot syndrome which causes such severe dry skin that your hands and feet peel and peel and peel. It causes redness, swelling, and pain, plus that flaking. So much fun. I've been keeping mine at bay with an extreme moisturizing approach.

But my armpits. I've never thought about my armpits before. Until they split and I had these horrible split cuts underneath my arms. I couldn't use deodorant for two weeks and I thought for sure I'd be smelly and stinky. Thankfully, I wasn't. I freshened up during the day, I used neosporin and desitin, and protected those slices pretty well.

But it got me to thinking how to best moisturize my underarms.

Hello! *facepalm* DOVE. Dove's deodorants/anti-perspirants are full of moisturizers! Now, I was a bit disappointed as I have been avoiding anti-perspirants for a while. Sweating is healthy. Smelling is gross. And I've been using men's deodorants for a while instead (Old Spice. They have some great scents that aren't too masculine, but they are apparently very drying).

So I switched to Dove for the last four weeks. I'm using the two above. Why? Because I didn't know the difference and decided to get both.

The difference is amazing. My underarms are no longer dark, they no longer itch, they are no longer flaky, and they no longer feel like they are going to split at any minute.

My skin there looks healthier. So much healthier. In fact, I had no idea that they were unhealthy until their new repaired look and feel.

Verdict: Switch to Dove. Seriously. It's good for you. And it doesn't make your clothes stinky. And your underarms will feel and look amazing!

P.S. I purchased these. They were not offered to me for free or anything like that. I just wanted to tell you that I think they rock.