Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A stunningly whiter smile can be yours with Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System:

  • Visibly whitens teeth in as little as 2 days, with complete results in just 3 days
  • Features a simple 2-step, dual-action whitening process
  • Includes a gentle, cleansing mouth rinse to pre-treat teeth and whitening gel with active dental peroxide to whiten surface and deep stains
  • Enamel safe
  • Will not cause tooth sensitivity
Luster's Distinctly White is my newest BzzCampaign from Bzzagent! Everyone wants whiter teeth. It makes you look younger and healthier! I've had my teeth whitened by a dentist about a decade ago and while the results were amazing and lasted a while, they made my teeth ACHE. Holy sensitivity, Batman! It hurt to breathe! I couldn't sip a drink through a straw for a few days! Yikes! And then I went back to smoking and it all went to hell in a handbag. 

Well, I quit smoking and although I'm pretty pleased with my teeth, they still have some staining and I would love for them to be brighter! 

Here are some before pics, without make up and then with make up (lipstick, you know how it can make your teeth look different!)

 Not too bad, right? These close ups can make a girl self conscious! I"m now pointing out to myself that I have a zit there, some plaque build up there, yikes! lol 

Now the toothpaste NOW! is supposed to brighten your teeth in ONE brushing, a optical illusion of sorts. So I did that today and snapped a pic before trying the whitening system! 
What do you think? I think it's definitely brighter although that could be the flash! I then did the pre-treatment rinse and painted on the whitening gel. The rinse was a mild pleasant flavor. I made sure to swish the front teeth especially since that is where you want the whitening! I then painted on the gel and kept my lips pulled back from my teeth for 30 seconds as instructed until it dried. 

The directions say to do it for 12 treatments, so I'll check back in with you in a week to show the progress! 
The dual action system retails for about $12.99! Not bad at all!