Disclaimer and Review Policy

I am a BzzAgent and an Influenster. Throughout the year, both programs may offer me items to try/test and report back to them with HONEST OPINIONS. Other than receiving the item to try for free, I'm not compensated for these things in any way, shape, or form.

Whatever I write here about the product and share with you is my honest opinion. If I dislike something, you'll know about it. If it gives me a rash, you'll know about it. If I try it and at first I *LOVE* it but later dislike it after repeated use, you'll know about it.

There are other times where I AM compensated for doing a post, usually in the forms of giftcards. However, those are few and far between and each post will always have the disclaimer on it that I did receive something in exchange for writing the post.  I was raised that Honesty is the Best Policy and therefore will ALWAYS disclose if I've received compensation in some form or the product free to try!

Review Policy
Let's be totally honest here...I am NOT a big blogger personality. I have my little reading corner where I talk books and participate on blog tours with some of those books, but I am no huge blogging celebrity. I really don't get products to try/test out often, but when I do, I wanted a separate place to share with everyone!

I created this product testing blog to link to my book review blog so that the products would get a separate entry that didn't confuse people. I'm sure I'll link back and forth. :)

What I will not do: I will not advertise your product without trying it out myself. This is A_TiffyFit Tries Stuff, not A_TiffyFit Advertises for You.

That being said -- HEY! If you're a company and want me to test something out and give an honest opinion and then share to my social media sites, I'm your girl!

About Me: I'm 36, half-asian half-caucasian with a touch of redness to my cheeks, sensitive skin, I color my hair often, I love to read, I love playing with make-up and nail polish, I love shoes, handbags, I dislike cleaning and like products that are multi-taskers to help me get my house clean quicker. I'm like you...I'm just more me. 

I will test your product, I will take pictures of it, I will report back honestly here and on amazon.com if the product is there, or whatever website you'd rather. You're welcome to quote anything I write about your product. If it's a beauty product, I need at least a week or two to try it out unless you've discovered some miracle cream that goes BAM! insta-fix in one use. ;)

You can contact me at my gmail or on twitter @a_tiffyfit and I'll give you my mailing address!