Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ripoff Report - Buyer Beware - REJUVENEX and ZINN BEAUTY

So. My mom just learned the hard way that those online advertisements are bunk and to not buy from any company online other than trustworthy, established companies. 

Rejuvenex Now and Zinn Beauty are total scams.

They claim that you'll get a free sample, but if you read the fine print, you're shipped the FULL SIZE product and have only a short amount of time to return the product (which you have to pay for AGAIN (you paid shipping to get it to you and now you have to pay for shipping to get it back to them) and THEN they might deign to credit you. 

But here's where I get pissed off...I read the fine print, I informed my mom of what she missed, that's fine and dandy, but trying to cancel it IS A NIGHTMARE. 

Rejuvenex is clear that you have a set amount of time before they charge you $129.99 But here's the kicker: you call to try and return it and suddenly the noise level in the background of the customer call center you're calling skyrockets. And then you're put on hold. They pick up and tell you their computer is slow. Then you're on hold again. And again. And again. You tell them you want to cancel and they get loud and overtalk you and DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR DEMANDS. Then they tell you that your trial period is up and you're screwed, but they'll drop the price to $89.99. Every time you insist you want to cancel, the "agent" over rides you, basically yelling at you, with offer aftre offer after offer of trying to keep this CRAP PRODUCT. 

Oh yeah  the product? It's crap. Ponds cold cream is better than this $120 set of CRAP. 
So now onto Zinn Beauty. They're selling a little bottle of Argan Oil. Did they tell me from the get go that it's $89.99? No. They said you can get if for free for the amount of shipping $2.99 just because you ordered REJUVENEX! Oh joy! Something free for getting ripped off! 


It, too, is only a free trial apparently although NOWHERE ON THE PAPERWORK IT ARRIVED WITH (which looked like an elementary school handout) does it say so! You get a receipt that says $2.99 and THAT IS IT. No mention that this is a trial or you'll be charged later. Then suddenly 10 days later, BAM! Your bank account/credit card is slammed with $89.99 charge AGAIN.

Count 'em, folks. That's TWO charges in ONE day for shitastic products. Stick to the Organix Moroccan Oil you buy at the grocery store. 

What have we learned today? If it's too good to be true, it is. And even if you  THINK you have a firm handle on this and will call to cancel, that's no guarantee these deceitful bastards will cancel it for you. 

I just lost $200 through their fraudulent practices. Do I trust that they have cancelled my "Subscription"? Hell no. But stop payments are a wonderful thing. 

Piss off, wankers.