Saturday, December 13, 2014

JULEP - How to Winterize Your Nails!

I have to admit...I am not much of a "Maven".  While I love polishing my nails, I'm not the best at doing the cuticles, cleaning up the edges, or, frankly, painting them neatly!

I've tried the tricks of vaseline to keep the edges clean, a q tip with nail polish remover, etc., and I'm a big ole klutz! But practice makes perfect and that's totally what I'll be doing this holiday season!

I was approached by Julep to host a WINTERIZE YOUR NAILS post. I didn't get anything in exchange for posting this, but I thought it was pretty awesome to be included annnnnnnnd this gives me more of an idea of what Julep entails!

Hmmm...I'm not a Maven, but I soon will be. This tutorial to the right is awesome and reminds me of what my mom has been telling me all these years (sorry, Mom!). I definitely do a good job of clipping and shaping, and I'm definitely in the market for a good cuticle softener, etc!

When I headed over to Julep's Nail Polish shop, I was amazed at the selection of colors, treatments, and oh my gosh so much more! Have you visited there yet? If not, click here and check it out!

I had a great time looking at colors and I loved the wintery suggestions I got from the consultant:

I'm leaning towards Ilsa and Sawyer and Shari. Oh, who am I kidding .I love them all! I'm hoping Santa brings me a Julep subscription.

Are you a Maven? What's your favorite thing from Julep so far?

Disclaimer: While I was approached to see if I'd be interested in sharing the nail tutorial, I did not receive any compensation, product, etc. I just thought the tutorial had some great tips and the more I explored on Julep, the more entranced I was! So thanks for telling me about your company, Julep! I'm looking forward to placing an order and becoming a Maven!