Saturday, November 29, 2014

HOLY MOLY! Christmas is almost here!

I don't know what happened to the month. I had planned on doing little blogs up to Thanksgiving, but time just WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHED right on by!

So how are you doing on your Christmas shopping? Do you know who hasn't started? Yep, this girl right here.

I got an invite to blog here and there for Best Buy, so I'm excited to be sharing with you soon another thingy I found. And this one is PERFECT for my mother (who thankfully doesn't read my blog). It's #HINTINGSEASON!

I'm decorating my little place tomorrow and will set up my tiny tree and make it look festive in this place.

I have a list and am checking it twice and shopping starts December 5th for me!

Any ideas on what to get coworkers when you're on a budget? How about your boss? Do you buy things for your boss(es)?

My brother and sister in law have both said they want nothing for Christmas. Thanks for the help, guys! LOL So they might get stuck with Reindeer Poop! >,<

Talk to you guys again in about a week! I'll show you what I'm eyeing at Best Buy for my mother. :)